463. Nomad OH

Nomad is a 2 layer 111-mm knife with the base set of tools. Initially it was available with standart black neylon scales, but later (in 2010-2011) several modifications were introduced: Nomad with Dual Grip scales Nomad with Dual Grip scales and with One hand blade Nomad with regular (black) scales and One hand blade – … Continue reading 463. Nomad OH

435. Garant (Nomad)

This knife is a very unique and very rare. It was specially produced by Victorinox for German company “Garant“. Knife is actually the popular model Nomad, but with several (important!) differences: special designed scales (no Victorinox logo at all); retractable pen is included (there are no other 111-mm model with this tool); tweezers has painted … Continue reading 435. Garant (Nomad)

461. Picknicker

Picknicker is a simple 111-mm knife with 2 layers of tools. This model can be found with two types of main blade: plain edge (like current one) and ¾ serrated egge (like this one). Interseting fact: in the past Victorinox used the same name Picknicker for another 91-mm model. Photos: Related models: Adventurer Nomad  SAKWiki

Outdated. SAKs for exchange

Short synopsis: I’m going to describe here all duplicates of Victorinox (and several Wenger) knives, which I have. If you’re interesting with them (and have something interesting for exchange 🙂 – please contact me. For sure, I’ll specify here also list of Victorinox knives, which I would like to buy (or change). Hope, I’ll finish … Continue reading Outdated. SAKs for exchange