401. Evolution S13

First knife that I have from new serie “Delemont Collection” (former Wenger).
It’s a result of compilation both branches – Victorinox & Wenger. Some tools, general shape, form-factor, original lock-mechanism became from original Wenger knife, but several tools were added/replaced by their Victorinox’ equivalents:  can-opener, awl, ttw.Stamp on main blade also was changed, now it’s a VICTORINOX SWISS MADE DELEMONT.
There are no meaning about “Officier..” on back side.
UPDATE: Swiss shield on main blade isn’t a metal inlaid, now it’s printed with white colour.
Short summary: I dissapointed 🙁Photos:



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2 thoughts on “401. Evolution S13”

  1. Hi,

    The logo is not printed, the white plastic of the logo runs all the way through the scale of the knife. So if you were to pop off the scales you would see the logo on the inside of the scale as well. I think this is nice as it means you won’t ever lose the logo and it is protected from ware. Meaning no mater how much it rubs or scratches the logo will not wear out.

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