403. Presentation Master

Presentation Master model was introduced in 2009 (at least I found first announcement about this knife in Victorinox catalogue – 2009).

So, this knife isn’t so ancient as the majority in my collection :), but unbelievably valuable for me.
When you see it for the first time, it looks like the popular Victorinox Flash / SwissMemory – just another penknife with memory stick. But this is just a first imagination, in comparison with previous models it’s a huge progress. Besides USB-module, this pocketknife has additional features:

  1. Fingerprint scanner (for biometric authentication)
  2. Bluetooth controller (allows simulate “left/right arrow” keyboard keys)
  3. Laser pointer

Although all these brilliant features this model wasn’t so popular (or maybe it was too expensive, who knows?) and Victorinox produced this model only till 2011 (accordingly to SAKWiki).

Anyway, in my opinion it’s a revolutionary knife and “must-have” knife for SAK collectors.


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