407. Princess Dogbone (model 630)

This is a very rare Victorinox knife which actually doesn’t have own name. Design of scales is absolutely different from well-known Victorinox scales. Collectors and enthusiasts called such shape «Dogbone«.
As SAKWiki said:

The unique shape of this knife was apparently developed for those unable to open a standard pocket knife with their finger nails. This shape allows the tools to be pinched an pulled open.

Only two models were developed with such scales:
— predecessor of Companion / Classic — also known as Duchess;
— predecessor of Princess / Escort (with Alox and stainless steel scales)

Unfortunately, my knife is in a very poor condition, so I have to find another one. If you have such knife (or any other with Dogbone scales) please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Updated 2017-07-18 — I got it!!!




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  • Princess
  • Duchess


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