413. Sentinel Plus

A quite simple and laconic knife – Sentinel Plus. It’s like another model with the same set of tools, but another lock-mechanism: Cowboy. In comparison with the well-known Sentinel knife, this model has an additional Phillips screwdriver (on back side).

Seems, this knife (I’m talking about regular Sentinel) has a maximum possible number of variations (from 111-mm models): it can be produced with regular or OH blade, OH blade can be serrated or plain. Some variations of this knife can contain pocket-clip.
So, in total we have:

  1. Plain regular blade – 0.8413.3
  2. Plain regular blade with pocket-clip – 0.8416.3
  3. Plain OH blade – 0.8413.M3
  4. Plain OH blade with pocket-clip – 0.8416.M3
  5. Serrated OH blade – 0.8413.MW3
  6. Serrated OH blade with pocket-clip – 0.8416.MW3

Also keep in mind that we have Sentinel Plus (#1 + Phillips) and a model with Dual-Grip scales and corkscrew – this is a different model, but again – it is called Sentinel!

Additionally, we can add to this list several limited editions: Black-Oxide, 125th Anniversary one…

Too many models for single name, do you agree with me?


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