418. Wenger Swiss Army 70

When I bought this knife, I thought – it would be the only Wenger in my collections. Reasons? It’s a real Swiss Army Knife 🙂

As I remember, initially, when I’ve started to organize my collection, I’ve decided to collect only Victorinox knives, otherwise it could absolutely destroy my budget (and honestly, I prefer Victorinox knives mush more than Wenger ones).

When Victorinox company bought Wenger, it was the first unpleasant sign for me. Later (~ in 2014) Delemont series was introduced – another one. After releasing Wenger RangerWood as limited model for 2015 year, I can be sure – Wenger, you shall not pass (©) in my collection… Maybe one… or two… or three knives? Who knows?

From SAKWiki:
Knives produced after 2008 (also known as model Swiss Army 70) no longer have the year stamped on the tang, as Victorinox took responsibility for the entire military contract supply.

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