420. Atlas

Victorinox Atlas is a 4-layer 111-mm knife with slide-lock mechanism.
By the way, seems only slide-locked 111-mm Victorinox knives can be equipped with pliers, am I right?
It’s very valued (personally for me) model, because it was a my first Victorinox knife (long-long time ago when I didn’t collect them as a maniac). I don’t remember exactly what happened with this knife later, seems it was lost. So, this one was bought “in memory” of my first Victorinox.
Atlas is very similar to well-known Outrider model. Looks that Outrider is more useful, because instead of pliers it has more claimed scissors (IMO). Also Outrider contains another type of Phillips screwdriver.
Another very similar model – Carpenter. In comparison with Atlas it has back-side Phillips screwdriver (and it’s a worse than corkscrew on Atlas). But Carpenter has one, but very serious advantage – it still missing in my collection 🙁
So, if you have Carpenter model for selling or trade – you know what you should do!

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