421. Outrider

As was mentioned in previous post, this model (Outrider) is a more efficient version of the Atlas model. Why? Because for me, scissors are a more useful tool than pliers. I really like Victorinox knives, but I have to say, that pliers in their knives are weak.
Of course, I mean only pliers in knives, not in multi-tools like SwissTool or Spirit, – their pliers are strong and beautiful.
Sorry for this off-top, let’s return to the Outrider.
It’s a 4-layer 111-mm model with slide-lock mechanism. It has a blade, wood-saw, Phillips screwdriver, scissors, can-opener, and cap-lifter. Back side tools are corkscrew and reamer.
Interesting fact #1: first versions of Outrider model didn’t include Phillips screwdriver.
Interesting fact #2: special version of Outrider was produced for Malaysian army, – it has camouflage scales with special print. Additionally, instead of corkscrew it has Phillips screwdriver. Why Malaysian army need two screwdrivers in one knife? Maybe better ask them 😉
Interesting fact #3: for US market was produced special version of Outrider, equipped with a back-side Phillips screwdriver instead of corkscrew.
One more thing: If you have Malaysian version of Outrider and looking for good company for it – please send me PM. Cheers!

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