427. Hardwood Cheese Knife

In 2013 Victorinox announced a new model – Hardwood Cheese Knife, which we can call as “inheritor” of first Cheese knife. Like its predecessor, this knife also has a special cheese blade (for now only these two models contain this tool), but also has an additional opener’s layer.
Hardwood cheese knife is a 3-layer knife with liner-lock (original Cheese knife was a slide-lock!). In comparison with other models with liner-lock, in this knife only main blade can be locked in an opened position, there is no possibility to lock bottle-opener (flat screwdriver). Also, as you can see from pictures – there are two differences from other liner-lock models:
  1. bottle-opener is smaller than usual (only slide-lock knives have such type of bottle-opener)
  2. reamer (awl) has sewing-eye (again — as other slide-, not liner-lock models).
So, in this knife we have a combination of unique features:
  • hardwood scales
  • cheese blade
  • non-locking (smaller) bottle-opener
  • unusual awl

I think it’s good enough for one knife, isn’t it?


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