428. Mechanic Jr.

Some models of Victorinox knives were produced as special run in very limited quantity (sometimes – for specific brand). Mechanic Jr. (or Special Mechanic) is an example of such model. It’s very valued (by true collectors, of course!) knife and relatively rare.
As probably all SAK-interested people knows, this is a smallest (91-mm) model of Victorinox knives, which includes pliers. It looks similar to Compact, but there are no hook in this model, pliers instead of scissors and Phillips screwdriver instead of corkscrew. Besides these differences, both are almost the twins.
Unfortunately, all my attempts to win eBay auctions with this knife were failed.. Did I meant that this knife is very valued? 😉
So, in order to fill this “empty space” in my collection, I’ve asked one my friend (thanks, Ivan!) to make… let’s call it “custom” or “mod” Mechanic Jr.
Result of his work you can view on pictures below. In my opinion, knife looks like original (I know that scale should have inlaid text “Techline“, but no other choice for now).
Anyway, I’m looking for original Mechanic Jr. and maybe some days, I’ll add new masterpiece to my collection. Keep fingers crossed 🙂
Update (2017-07-18): I got an original Mechanic Jr.!


  • OFFICER SUISSE +crossbow (back)

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