457. SwissChamp (Survival Kit 1.8812)

The SwissChamp is a very popular knife, it has a lot features (maximum from existing regular models) and sometimes used as EDC knife. Victorinox company produced a variety of different variations (I mean color and material of scales) of this knife.

Additionally, Victorinox released few “tool sets”, which includes SwissChamp and some additional tools. One of them is a subject of current review:

Survival Kit 1.8812 contains from: regular SwissChamp, special dual pouch and a lot of “useful” things, like flashlight, compass, ruler, etc. The weight of this set is around a 400g.

578x1238_Victorinox SOS Kit -C- - 1.8812 588x1240_Victorinox Maglight Instructions 1168x1229_Victorinox Survival-Kit SOS-Set -- Instruction Sheet

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