485. Lovec

In 2015 Victorinox released for Czech market very unique knife – “Lovec” (“Hunter” in english). It looks as regular Centinel but with additional wood-saw and Phillips screwdriver on the back.
This model was available in two colors – black and green (my knife).
Besides this, one more knife was released together with Lovec and again – only for Czech market.
Would you like to know what’s the model? In the next post I’ll announce it 🙂
 485_01 485_02 485_03 485_04

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3 thoughts on “485. Lovec”

  1. Уникальные накладки – просто зеленые без сторонних рисунков типа оленя…
    Что-то кроме меня никто и не постит…

    1. Редкие. Но не уникальные. Был Workchamp с зелеными накладками, был Hercules. Но Lovec, по-крайней мере, первый slide-lock с зелеными накладками

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