571. Carpenter

I’ve started to collect Victorinox knives approximately 5 years ago. I didn’t think that once I would say – “I have them all! :)”
Of course, I’m talking about possible situations when some series or some set of models will be completely present in my collection…
One day this dream became a reality. A few months before (maybe 1 year? – I don’t remember exactly) I’ve bought the last member of my 111-mm models. It was a model named Carpenter. For the long months it was my Unicorn-SAK, I’ve tried to find it everywhere… Moreover – once I won this knife on eBay auction, but unfortunately, parcel with this knife was lost on its way to the Ukraine. My second attempt was luckier, and I’ve decided that mission completed, my collection of 111-mm is full. But again, it was 1 year before, I didn’t suppose that when I will post info about this knife in my blog, Victorinox released a lot of new 111-models in 2017.

So, for now (2017-July) my collection still has a lot of missed knives… Seems, this story will be continued.


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