631. Waiter

The Victorinox Waiter is a laconic single-layer model in 84-mm form-factor, formerly known as Bartender (in US market).
For sure, I already have several Waiters in my collection, even with Hoffritz inlaid on scales, but this specimen doesn’t have a toothpick/tweezers, so it makes it relatively unique.

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One thought on “631. Waiter”

  1. I like these little guys for only one reason – the caplifter/screw driver. I generally pitch the rest and salvage that one tool for other knife builds. Doing that allows one to make, for example, a Special Mechanic (2 layers w. pliers) or a Compact (2 layers with scissors) The Waiter is pretty cheap on Ebay. Actually, I don’t pitch the scales, corkscrew, etc., but just add ’em to the ever-larger stash of “maybe someday..” parts.

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