668. Hoffritz LE2 (Troubleshooter)

The Victorinox Troubleshooter is very unusual model.
As far as I know (I’m not sure for 100%) first time Victorinox released this model for the promo-company of Marlboro company (as part of “Marlboro unlimited” series).
The second run was done for US reseller Hoffritz with special naming: Hoffritz LE2 (first edition (LE1) was also quite interesting and I still looking for this model).
The main differences from regular Troubleshooter:
  • no hook;
  • no chisel
  • old-style Phillips screwdriver (with can-opener)

Besides that, – big inlaid “LIMITED EDITION 2” on the back scale and serial number, stamped on liner (mine has number “1969/2000”)


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