702. Hunter

The Victorinox Hunter is a 3 layered 111-mm model with slide-lock mechanism. Now (in 2018) this variation is withdrawn and replaced by new liner-lock variation.
When we’re talking about Hunter model, for sure, we have to mention that only this model has a quite unique tool – small gutting blade.
At this point I have to stop and fix myself. Not ‘only this model‘ but ‘this one and two others‘, which are more rare. First of them is an oldest variation of WorkChamp XL (which included small gutting blade instead of can-opener). Second one – is a Wenger Evo Hunter 505 (limited run for Czech Republic). Yes, it sounds strange, but this is true, we’re talking about second hybrid SAK (by hybrid I mean mix of Victorinox and Wenger models’ tools), first one was a Premier.
What else? Maybe few words about it’s variations: first run did not have the deer image on scales, then this image was added (and it was a quite bit different from current version), later on image of deer was redesigned (as we currently have).
Hunter was produced in two colors, red and olive drab; besides this, camouflage version also known (it didn’t have the deer image on scales) and.. corkscrew was replaced by Phillips screwdriver. This variation is still in my wish-list.
Small surprise for the most persistent readers: few comparative pictures of slide-lock and liner-lock variations of Hunter model:

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