713. Handyman

Today’s post is also dedicated to ‘regular’ model.. but with difficult biography – Handyman.
First edition of this knife we know as Champion (a), no matter how strange it sounds. Technically it was an absolutely different model (I mean in comparison with modern version).
Later on, this model was produced without long nail file (LNF) and now we call it just an ‘Old Handyman‘.
Third ‘re-incarnation’ of Handyman into last (I hope!) variation occured around 1986, when Victorinox introduced new tool  – pliers, which were added to Handyman‘s tool-set instead of fish scaler tool.
Note: absolutely the same situation with Craftsman model, it was born as Champion (b), later on evolved into Old Craftsman and than became a modern Craftsman.
Two knives – one fate.

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