718. Pioneer Nespresso (2017)

The Victorinox Pioneer Nespresso is another example of how from usual regular model marketing team can create something rare and overpriced. Starting from 2016, Victorinox company in cooperation with Nespresso produced a limited run of well-known 93-mm Pioneer, but with unusual colors and from … unusual material. I’ll just quote description from Victorinox‘ official site:
In line with Switzerland’s pioneering approach to sustainability, Nespresso and Victorinox have come together to design a collection of Pioneer Nespresso pocket knives. Crafted from recycled aluminum capsules, this year’s limited edition comes in the elegant color of the Nespresso _______ capsules and is, once again, a smart manifestation of the Victorinox commitment to sustainability and the coffee brand’s vision for separating, reusing and recycling its iconic capsules.
Instead of underscores in previous sentence, you can put any fabulous name of color. Edition of 2017 has Livanto name, 2018 – Dharkan, first one (from 2016) – Aggregio.
These models are produced with special etching on the blade, the back engraving plate has a label ‘Nespresso’ and they are sold in special packaging (from recycled paper).
I didn’t buy the first edition (2016) in Arpeggio color, thus now I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to buy it in the future, so, hope, it will be only one piece from this series in my collection.