722. Pharmacist

A few years ago, I found on eBay very strange and uncommon 58-mm knife which looks like Classic, but instead of usual nailfile it has Cut & Picker Blade, which sometimes called ‘Orange Peeler‘. Originally this tool was produced for pharmaceutic purposes (in order to open small bottles with pills).
Anyway, I couldn’t find any information about this model, so, I’ve marked it as an unknown model (in my internal classification) and forgot about it. Until some day, when I’ve faced with another variation of the same knife, this time it has scales with advertisement on them and both scale tools – toothpick and tweezers (first one in my collection was equipped with tweezers only).
So, this time I’ve decided to give a name for this model (Pharmacist sounds well for me, doesn’t it?) and create a draft of dedicated page in SAKWiki, probably, one day I’ll have enough information to fill this page…

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