724. Explorer (swapped layers)

I suppose that almost every reader of this blog knows about the entity which SAK’s enthusiasts call a SAK evolution. Some tools in Victorinox knives got new modifications, some knives were equipped with new tools, which didn’t exist from the beginning.

This Explorer is a good example of all these kinds of evolution:

  1. It has an old type of magnifying lens, awl and corkscrew also old.
  2. the multipurpose hook is absent here (it will be available later, since 1991)

Moreover, in general we can call Explorer model unique, because except for these two types of evolution, it has one more (important) difference: during some period of production two middle tool-layers were swapped.

You can compare pictures of this knife with pictures of this Explorer, as you can see, scissors and lens/Phillips screwdriver layers changed their positions. You can ask me – why? Sorry, mates, I still haven’t found any document which explains this fact. Maybe you can find the reason?


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