728. WineMaster

In my opinion, Victorinox company is relatively conservative one. They doesn’t release new models of knives very often (I mean new models, not old ones but with new scales or colors).
Thus, I can say that 2017 year was an extraordinary and full of events for all SAK collectors.
First of all, we remember this year as important milestone, – all slide-lock models were withdrawn (we talked about this fact many times).
Another important thing for this year – after long (silent) period several real new models were released. One of them is a model from Delemont Collection.
Lady and gentlemen, let’s me introduce a WineMaster – definitely new knife in variety of Victorinox, specially for wine lovers (and SAK lovers, no doubt).
It’s a first model in 130 mm size, which was developed by Victorinox, and not just re-branding of Wenger product. Few words from official Victorinox site:
Three-in-one functionality, high quality finish, superb handling, elegant design, and extremely comfortable to use. Bring the Victorinox Wine Master along and enjoy outdoor adventures with a taste of the good life. The long, sturdy spiral grips the cork securely, the foil cutter guarantees precise, clean cuts and the stable, two-step lever protects against slippage, ensuring the cork is safely removed. You can see the sophistication in the ideal leverage of the fulcrum and in the precision of the details, which reduce the effort required to a minimum. Lastly, a knife with an extra-wide blade, which can cut its way through all of your favourite snacks, is the finishing touch that makes the Wine Master the perfect multi-use stylish picnic tool.
Interesting fact: WineMaster was released in 2017, I’m writing this post in February of 2019 and I’m glad to announce to everybody (who didn’t know yet) that in this year WineMaster will be released as part of Damascus series!

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