738. Equestrian Jr

At first glance this knife is a regular Equestrian model, which is known as one from few 111-mm, equipped with combo-tool instead of cap-lifter.
Hope, you’re remember that another 111-mm model, which also has combo-tool, it’s a Hunter; both are definitely unique ones, because they’re only two models (from regular 111-mm models) with unusual tools: Hunter has a small gutting blade and Equestrian includes a hoof cleaner tool.
After this long introduction, I suppose we can pay attention, that actual model isn’t an Equestrian, since it doesn’t have a wood-saw. I’ve tried to find any information about this variation, but with no success. So, again, we can choose our own (temporary) name for this knife.
If Victorinox used practice to call models with additional saw by adding ‘Plus’ word (Electrician Plus, for instance), probably this one can be called an ‘Equestrian… Minus‘ or ‘Equestrian Jr.‘? What do you think?

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