750. Troubleshooter II

Today’s hero of our review is a strange knife. I have several hundreds of Swiss Army knives in my collection, I saw thousands of pictures of these knives, but I never seen the same one before…
First time I’ve decided that is a Troubleshooter – not quite common but also, I cannot say ‘very rare’ one, but this was just a first (and wrong) impression.
Troubleshooter is a 5-layered 91-mm knife with metal-file, while this knife has a wood-saw instead. One more difference: this knife has Technician screwdriver on the back, but Troubleshooter has chisel (by the way – SAKWiki mentioned that Troubleshooter includes a technician screwdriver, it’s not true).
I’ve called this knife a ‘Troubleshooter II‘ (yes, I’m a highly creative person, no doubt), because I wasn’t successful in my attempts to find any information about this knife. Maybe you, my reader, will help me with identifying it?

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