756. Classic SD – VSAKCS knife (2000-2010)

The last knife, which I’m going to review this week will be a Classic SD. For sure, it’s not something rare and even in this blog we’ve already reviewed few dozens of them, but this one… a little bit unique.
As you can see, this Classic SD has an additional print on scales – Victorinox Swiss Army knives Collectors Society (VSAKCS), which is known to all of you. Starting from 2000, this society released a special model every year in limited quantities, but this one was produced (as exclusion) without any year-related print on it.
I cannot remember when exactly it was produced, and I have again to ask the fans’ society for help.
Update: as Jason W. Dillman said: The knife was originally made as a welcome gift for members who paid to join from the year 2000-2010.

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