761. Outrider

Yesterday we’ve reviewed Outdoor Tool – first 111-mm model with liner-lock mechanism and scissors. Before this model was released, all 111-mm models, equipped by scissors were available only with slide-lock. This list isn’t huge, let specify all of them:
  1. Outrider
  2. Hercules
  3. WorkChamp
  4. WorkChamp XL
In the same 2017, Victorinox re-released (yes, I’ve to repeat this fact again) some of 111-mm models, which initially were slide-locked, with liner-lock mechanism. All models, which are specified above in the list, became liner-lock’ ones. WorkChamp XL (liner-lock) was reviewed earlier, today’s hero is an Outrider with liner-lock, one of the most-balanced big models (IMO).

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  • Outdoor Tool
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