770. Spartan Wood

Looks like Victorinox company likes to use this well-known phrase of ancients as own motto. In the previous year (2018) as part of the “new” series two knives were released (later series was extended with one additional knife). I’m talking about the ‘Wood series – 2018‘, which originally included Spartan Wood and Huntsman Wood (SwissChamp Wood was released later).
These knives are popular models, but this time they were produced with wooden scales made from walnut instead of cellidor.
Due to the softness of this kind of wood, they were produced without regular in-scale tools (toothpick and tweezers). Models with scales from much solid wood usually are equipped with these tools, – SwissChamp HardWood for instance.
Today’s hero is the first member of ‘Wood series – 2018‘ is a Spartan Wood1.3601.63

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