787. Master Craftsman Small

A long, long time ago (probably in another galaxy) Victorinox company produced a lot of amazingly effective and nicely equipped knives within their 84-mm line-up. Most of these models were discontinued later, and this is a real loss for all collectors.
Now these old models are very collectible (and very pricey, for sure). I’m trying to collect Swiss Army knives approximately from 2013 (if I’m not mistaken), but I still have a lot of ‘gaps’ in my collection and many of these ‘missed’ knives are 84-mm, so you can imagine my feelings, when I got this beauty: Victorinox Master Craftsman Small
Note: Artisan, Camper Small, Grand Prix Small, Mountaineer Small, Hiker Small, Huntsman Small – all these models are on my wish-list, so if you have some of them to sell / trade, please contact me

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