798. Signature Laser

Victorinox Signature is a model, which has a lot of variations. Starting as regular Classic, enhanced by adding miniature pen (by the way, there are two variations of this model – with removable pen and with retractable one), later this knife was modified by adding LED module (again, here we have two variations: with red and white LED), – we know this modification as Signature Lite.
The next modification was added by replacement LED module with… small laser module instead in 2007.
Laser pointer wasn’t a so popular in Victorinox knives, – it appears only in Swiss Memory / Victorinox Flash variations and extra-ordinary Presentation Master. All mentioned knives were available in regular and flight (bladeless) variations, so, in summary, seven (7) models exist with laser.
How many laser-equipped models do you have in your collection?
In 2012 a new variation (with flash-memory) was introduced under Signature Slim; later model was renamed to the Victorinox@Work and it was a beginning for whole series of similar knives.
By the way, I’ve added some comparative photos of 58-mm scales with LED and laser modules to the end of this article.

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