800. Victorinox Flash

It’s a valuable knife for me, I’ve been looking for this model for a few years and finally got it in new condition.

Victorinox Flash looks close to its predecessor – Swiss Memory, and by the way, when I’ve was a newbie in SAK’s questions, – I couldn’t understand the difference between these two models. Main tutorial (I’m talking about SAKWiki) didn’t have enough information about this (and picture of this knife in related article still not informative enough).

At the current moment, for sure, it’s not a secret for me (and for you, my lucky reader!) anymore – Victorinox Flash was a next generation of knives with flash-module.

It was introduced in 2008, included an updated version of flash-module (with bigger capacities), which was equipped by mechanical ‘read-only‘ switcher (especially useful thing, in my opinion). This model also (as Swiss Memory) was available with cellidor and Alox scales. Flight and Laser versions also exist.


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