805. AutoTool (first variation)

Almost one year ago I’ve published a post about new (for that moment) fantastic addition to my collection – first prototype of AutoTool, created by Victorinox 20 years ago (yes, it happened in 1999). At the end of this post, I’ve specified that I’m still looking for the first variation of this multi-tool. So, no more surprises, this post is about this first version.
AutoTool never was a successful product, probably due to some issues with the design and quality of its plastic parts, but even with all the defects mentioned, this product is known with three different variations:
  1. First prototype with polished hands (probably 2 sub-versions with different font on scales are exist)
  2. First version with can-opener and cap-lifter
  3. Second version with can-opener replaced by technical screwdriver
So, today I can say that another mission completed, – I have all existing variations of AutoTool in my collection. Or not?

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