830. Wenger Esquire

I think that some of my readers were surprised when they saw this post. Really, I have to explain why I’ve added this knife to my collection, while I’m collecting Victorinox knives only (#idontcollectwengers!).

Yes, few years ago I’ve decided, that main subject of my collection will be only Victorinox knife (in order to don’t become bankrupt very soon, for sure). Even when company Wenger was absorbed by Victorinox and some of Wenger knives were re-issued under ‘Victorinox Delemont Collection‘ name, I still didn’t buy any ex-Wenger knife.

Till today I’ve made just a few exceptions for Wenger knives:

  • Soldat model (the same as Victorinox Soldier 1961).
  • limited runs, like Damast or VSAKCS models (both from 2015).
  • few others (just for investigation purposes, I swear!)

Today you can see a regular Wenger Esquire model in my blog – it’s a common model, not a limited run not special one. Just an ‘enlarged’ version of Classic. Why did I buy it? Will know soon… 😉


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