832. Victorinox Wenger (split personality)

Recently we’ve learned how Wenger Esquire became a Victorinox Executive 81, now we’ll review an opposite transformation.
First of all, I have to say that I have no logical explanation for this fact, but it happened in our reality
So, a few years after launching the new line-up ‘Victorinox Delemont‘ (which included a lot of ex-Wenger knives but produced under Victorinox brand), in 2016 model Executive 81 was re-branded one more time.
The new variation of this long-suffering knife got an old Wenger‘s logo, printed word ‘Wenger‘ on scales and new name – Wenger.
Just Wenger…
I hope that this third iteration will be final. And you?
P.S. Yes, the release of this model has motivated me to buy all three versions:
Wenger Esquire, Executive 81 and Victorinox Wenger (sounds terrible, I know…)
P.P.S. If you’d like comparative pictures – scroll till the end of page

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