836. Parachute knife

The previous post in my blog was about popular, extra-popular military model: Soldier 2008. Today’s knife also was developed for Army’s purposes. It’s a quite interesting model, because there are no too much information this model anywhere yet.
Looks like this was developed as prototype and was presented on several military expositions over the world in the middle of 2018, but it’s not in real production yet. Accordingly to the some pictures from such Army Shows, this model has a variety of possible scale designs, but with very minimal amount of tools: just serrated one-hand blade (like on Hunter‘s knives) and Phillips screwdriver on the back.
Model, which I bought, (probably) issued to the Indonesian Army Special Forces SAT81 Paratroopers (thanks, Jaya, for information!), their moto ‘SIAP SETIA BERANI‘ printed on the scales (it means ‘Ready Faithful Brave‘, if I’m not mistaken)
Anyhow, I’m very glad to have this unusual knife in my collection, it’s definitely unique one, do you agree?
Few images on the bottom are taken from multitool.org forum (see link below)

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