847. Adventurer (BSA)

Sometimes, when I’m writing a compact review of a new model of Victorinox knife from my collection, I must notice that such knife also exists in another variation, but unfortunately, I don’t have it yet.

Two years ago (or in other words – almost 250 knives before) I’ve reviewed an Adventurer BSA, – one of eldest models which Victorinox produced in 111-mm form-factor. This knife had a fully serrated blade, but the version with plain blade is also known.

So, now I’m glad to say, that I found this (plain blade) variation in fairly good condition and even with original BSA pouch.

Moreover, pay attention – it has a definitely rare stamp on the back tang (PAT.PEND. MOD.DEP.) and it’s back-side Phillips screwdriver has an embedded can-opener (usually 91-mm models were equipped with it)


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