848. Automobile

After very long silent period I’d like to announce that my blog is going back to life.
Many good things and opportunities were postponed or canceled due to this sad time, but let’s be optimistic and try to return back to the normal life (with SAKs!)
So, new post in this blog will be about definitely valued knife. I cannot call it extra-rare, but no doubts that many collectors will be happy to get one Automobile in pretty good condition as this one.
Automobile (or Motorist as it was called in some old catalogs) is a 3-layered knife in 91-mm format with special inlay of St.Christopher on their scales (but some ones were released without this inlay). Another unique feature of this knife it’s a technician screwdriver, which replaced more usual small blade.
What’s else? Probably you already noticed all small details, as old styled cap-lifter, can-opener with “+PAT” tang and for sure, “Elinox” tang on main blade
Enjoy viewing pictures of this beauty and… wait for the next knives’ reviews in this blog!
Stay safe!

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