864. Picknicker

Just yesterday I’ve published a new page here, with the structured information about changes which were made by Victorinox in 111-mm line-up (replacing slide-lock models with their liner-lock analogs).
Today I’m going to show you another example from these replacements – Victorinox Picknicker with liner-lock mechanism.
First of all, for sure, I have to notice that this name in the past was used for another 91-mm model, pretty unique by the way.
Now let’s talk about the current, 111-model. It’s a simple, two-layered knife with blade, opener’s layer, awl, and corkscrew. In the past Victorinox produced two 111-mm models exactly with the same toolset: Picknicker with slide-lock and Nomad with liner-lock.
Since 2017, model Nomad is discontinued, and we have Picknicker with liner-lock instead. In other words, we can say that old Nomad was just renamed to be a Picknicker.
One more thing that I’d like to raise, – slide-lock variations of Picknicker were available with three types of main blade (plain, serrated, and semi-serrated), liner-lock model produced only with plain blade.

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