867. Budding Knife Combi S (or Gardener 3.9040)

Another knife for gardeners and nurseries −Victorinox Gardener, model 3.9040. I bought this knife around two years ago, today, when I’ve started this post, I decided to verify myself (because naming of all gardeners’ knives is pretty complicated for me) on official website if Victorinox and voila!
Surprisingly, this model got a new name, now it’s called a ‘Budding Knife Combi S‘ (need to say, that majority of gardener’s knives were renamed as well). This time I am absolutely agree that this line-up required some renaming, since situation when several similar knives can be differentiated only by their model’s numbers (because majority of them has the same name ‘Gardener‘) cannot be called customer-friendly

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