888. Swiss Memory Alox Flight

In 2005 Victorinox introduced their new model from 58-mm range with integrated (and removable) USB flash-memory, this knife was named SwissMemory.
Technically it was the same model as Signature Lite, but with additional USB flash-memory. This knife was relatively popular, so in upcoming years several variations were produced, with different capacity of flash-drives, with cellidor and Alox scales and even with laser-pointer instead of LED light.
In 2006, in order to accept to carry this model on board an aircraft, was released a special, ‘Flight‘ version, without any bladed tools and again, this variation was available with cellidor and Alox scales.
Current version is a SwissMemory Alox Flight, in order to complete this series I have find a SwissMemory Laser Flight. Maybe someone has it and ready to sell?

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