912. Pocket Pal 58

Over the years company Victorinox re-used some names of its knives for absolutely different knives. The name “Pocket Pal” is mostly associated with a middle-sized 84-mm model, then small 58-mm knife, anyway today’s knife is a Pocket Pal 58.
Technically it’s a minimalistic knife with a blade and nailfile only, like a Princess, but with smooth Alox scales. Very often this model was produced with some advertisement prints on scales (like current one), it was available with and without keyring and even with bi-colored scales.
I have another Pocket Pal 58 in my collection with an unusual (centralized) position of Victorinox shield, but as you can see, the current knife has rotated (90° degrees) shield. Previously I saw few Officier’s models with the same position of shield, but nothing from 58-mm form-factor (till this model).

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