916. Model 650 St. (pre-Escort 74)

The “older brother” of Victorinox Escort model with unpredictable name Escort 74 during years was produced with various type of scales, including Alox, cellidor and for sure, stainless steel.
Mostly all these variations were equipped with large nailfile tool (enlarged version of 58-mm’ tool), while dual slotted textured nailfile in the main was used in Cavalier model only.
As we all know, there are no rules with no exceptions, so I was able to find out cellidor version of Escort 74 with such nailfile earlier and today I’m glad to show you stainless steel model with dual slotted textured nailfile.
Update: actual name of this name is Model 650 St. (“St.” means “stainless”). Thanks, Elsi Nox, for your help and support!

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