927. Standard / Bijou SD set “Maxim Gorki”

Hi, World!
Almost one year I didn’t publish any new posts, so I need to return to work with my blog.
The first knife what I’m going to review will be an interesting one (since I don’t have not interesting knives), to be honest it will be interesting two knives. So, let me introduce an awesome set of knives, which were produced as part of an advertisement program of Soviet cruise ship Maxim Gorkiy.
I’m not going to review the history of this ship, because for this blog it will be off topic, but if you want to know more about it, please check a few links which I’ve prepared for you at the end of this article.
This set contains two knives, which are Standard and Bijou SD models. These models often were used for different advertisements, so this set wasn’t an exclusion.
Both of knives have the simplified inlay of Maxim Gorkiy cruise ship’s shape on their backsides, and its name on the front scales.
Interesting fact: used transcription of name is different from its form, used as ship’s name.