928. Passenger

The Victorinox Passenger is a one from few models with magnifying lens / Phillips screwdriver layer (Passenger, Scientist, Yeoman) which were produced during brief time-range (this is a reason now they are highly valued by collectors). Nowadays still in production left only Explorer and Swiss Champ models (I mean knives with the same layer of tools), but they are much bigger.
From a technical perspective Victorinox Passenger can be described as Explorer model without scissors.
The current knife was produced (I suppose) as part of an advertisement program for “Hafele” company. The front scale has an inlaid logo of company, while Victorinox’s shield was moved to the backside (as usual) but pay attention to the interesting detail – only back scale has slot for toothpick, while front one is a solid, like in economy runs!
Interesting fact: especially for Canadian market was produced unique run of Passenger model. It had an inlaid word “Alpineer” on its front scale and was released as… Yes, Alpineer!

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