487. Hunter Pro Walnut

In 2013 Victorinox company released new knife within absolutely new form-factor. I’m talking about Hunter model. Two years later (2015) this model was released again, but with wooden scales (original had plastic ones). One more difference between these variations – Hunter Pro Walnut has tang “SWISS MADE” on the back side of main blade, regular … Continue reading 487. Hunter Pro Walnut

444. Hunter Pro

Hunter Pro is a unusual Victorinox model designed specially for hunters. It was released at the beginning of 2013. This knife has only one tool – massive OH blade, available with two colors of scales – black and orange. In 2015 model with wooden scales (Hunter Pro Wood) was released. Photos: Related models: Hunter Pro Wood … Continue reading 444. Hunter Pro

News from Victorinox – 2014

Classic LE 2014 Damast LE 2014 (RUS) Delemont unique features Hunter Pro Orange MiniChamp Alox 2014 (RUS) Pioneer black