626. Wenger Soldat 1961 (1978)

Yes, my collection contains only Victorinox knives. No other trademarks, no other knives, even original / genuine Swiss ones (bye-bye, Swiza!) But I couldn’t find any reason for myself to not add this Soldat 1961 to my collection. Will be a member of small family.. Photos: Related models: Soldier 1961 Pioneer SAKWiki

482. Soldier 1961 (2003 year with Charles Elsener Signature)

Probably, the most famous army knife – Alox Soldier, model of 1961 year. This model has a lot of variations. In 2003 and 2005 year some of these models were produced with Charles Elsener’s signature etched on the main blade. Photos:   Related models: Pioneer  SAKWiki

445. DAK KL91 (Soldier 1961)

Very popular model Victorinox Alox Soldier 1961 were profuced for Dutch Army. They’re were divided for two branches – for Royal Army (Koninklijke Landmacht) and for Royal Navy (Koninklijke Marine) and were marked by abbreviations: KL and KM accordingly. In comparision with original Soldier model, this variation included keyring. Year of production wasn’t marked at the … Continue reading 445. DAK KL91 (Soldier 1961)

418. Wenger Soldat 1961 – Swiss Army 70 (no year stamp)

When I bought this knife, I thought – it will be probably only one Wenger in my collections. Reasons? It’s a real Swiss Army Knife 🙂 As I remember, initially, when I’ve started to organize my collection, I’ve decided to collect only Victorinox knives, otherwise it could absolutely destroy my budget (and honestly, I prefer Victorinox … Continue reading 418. Wenger Soldat 1961 – Swiss Army 70 (no year stamp)