626. Wenger Soldat 1961 (1978)

Yes, my collection contains only Victorinox knives. No other trademarks, no other knives, even original / genuine Swiss ones (bye-bye, Swiza!) But I couldn’t find any reason for myself to not add this Soldat 1961 to my collection. Will be a member of small family.. Photos: Related models: Soldier 1961 Pioneer SAKWiki

482. Soldier 1961 (2003 year with Charles Elsener signature)

Probably, the most famous army knife – Alox Soldier, model of 1961 year. This model has a lot of variations. In 2003 and 2005 year some of these models were produced with Charles Elsener’s signature etched on the main blade. Photos:   Related models: Pioneer  SAKWiki

445. DAK KL91 (Soldier 1961)

Very popular model Victorinox Alox Soldier 1961 were profuced for Dutch Army. They’re were divided for two branches – for Royal Army (Koninklijke Landmacht) and for Royal Navy (Koninklijke Marine) and were marked by abbreviations: KL and KM accordingly. In comparision with original Soldier model, this variation included keyring. Year of production wasn’t marked at the … Continue reading 445. DAK KL91 (Soldier 1961)

636. Pioneer (Dark Gray)

Victorinox Pioneer model with Dark Gray colored scales. Seems, this model was produced specially for US market (but I’m not sure, if you have some information about it – please share it with me). P.S. In order to show difference between this shade of gray with regular black, I’ve added few comparative pictures below. Photos: … Continue reading 636. Pioneer (Dark Gray)

551. Apprentice Alox

The Victorinox Apprentice Alox is a pretty uncommon and rare model. It’s a single-layer 93-mm model, which includes only two tools – main blade and electrician blade. As probably you know, the same name Apprentice was used for the absolutely another model on the past as Victorinox company did many times. P.S. Interesting fact – … Continue reading 551. Apprentice Alox

513. Alox Pioneer LE 2015

In this post I will announce last (but not least, for sure) knife in Alox LE 2015 series – Pioneer. Hope, you’ve already checked my previous posts, related to the other knives in this series: Classic SD and Cadet. Let’s finish with this beatiful series and will wait till Alox LE 2016 will be announced … Continue reading 513. Alox Pioneer LE 2015

418. Wenger Swiss Army 70

When I bought this knife, I thought – it will be probably only one Wenger in my collections. Reasons? It’s a real Swiss Army Knife 🙂 As I remember, initially, when I’ve started to organize my collection, I’ve decided to collect only Victorinox knives, otherwise it could absolutely destroy my budget (and honestly, I prefer Victorinox knives … Continue reading 418. Wenger Swiss Army 70

415. Pioneer

It’s a Alox Pioneer – “civilian” version of very famous Alox Soldier knife. The main differences between these two models are next: Shape of Swiss cross on front scale. Pioneer has usual Victorinox logo, Soldier – older one; Key-ring. Pioneer has it, Soldier – doesn’t. Special plate for engraving on back scale. Present on Pioneer … Continue reading 415. Pioneer