562. Midnite Manager@Work

The Victorinox Midnite Manager@Work  is a relatively new model, which was released in 2015, if I’m not mistaken. Technically, it’s the Midnite Manager model with added USB stick. Photos: Related models: Victorinox@Work Midnite manager SAKWiki

096. Midnite Manager II

Interesting detail, – instead of Phillips screwdriver, this knife has regular one. Is it modification? Other model? Let’s call it a “Midnite Manager II” Photos: Related models: Manager SAKWiki

615. Manager II

The Victorinox Manager is a popular 58-mm model with 2 layers of tools. The subject of today’s article looks is very similar to this model, but with some small discrepance – instead of Phillips screwdriver it has a regular flat screwdriver. Earlier in my blog I’ve already reviewed a knife which had a some difference … Continue reading 615. Manager II