686. Explorer

Victorinox Explorer – the favorite model of Carl Elsener (link 1, link 2), 4 layered knife in 91-mm form-factor with new type of magnifying glass. New addition to the big family. Photos: Related models: Yeoman Passenger SAKWiki

540. Explorer — VSAKCS 2013

In 2013 VSAKCS released as year’s knife Explorer model in honor of Carl Elsener Sr. Photos: Related models: Yeoman Passenger SAKWiki VSAKCS on SAKWiki (2000 — 2013) VSAKCS Club Knives (2000 — 2009)

News from Victorinox — 2017

Explorer. White Christmas 2017 Huntsman. Year of the Dog Outrider Damast Limited Edition 2017 (en) Spartan PS Classic Limited Edition 2017 Alox Limited Edition 2017 Outrider Damast LE 2017 (fi)   Marketing Calendar 2017 No. 1  

624. Spartan (Unspunnenfest commemorative)

In the end of summer 2017, specially for Unspunnenfest, Victorinox company released a limited run of Spartan model with unusual ‘3D-textured‘ scales, which are looks closely similar to natural stone (as main symbol of mentioned festival). It wasn’t a first time when such type of scales were produced, but everything looks like we’ll see this type … Читать далее 624. Spartan (Unspunnenfest commemorative)

589. Huntsman BSA (Fieldmaster in fact)

Current model is an another example of strange logic of Victorinox distributors, that was discussed many times (with no success). In 1990-x they’re released a series of some Victorinox knives for the «Boy Scouts of America» organization. In this series were included next knives: Adventurer, Classic, Sentry, Tinker, Explorer (was listed by some dealers as Yeoman!), Climber and … Читать далее 589. Huntsman BSA (Fieldmaster in fact)

424. Spartan Damast LE 2014

In 2014 year company Victorinox released as Limited Edition knife probably the most known model — Spartan. This knife as all previous LE has damasteel blade and limited to the 5’000 peaces worldwide.   ­In comparison with previous year’s knife (Explorer 2013 LE) this one has much more accuracy wooden scales (I understand that it … Читать далее 424. Spartan Damast LE 2014