651. Trailmaster

The Victorinox Trailmaster is a 3-layers 111-mm model, which actually is a civilian version of GAK / Soldier 2008. This one has a camouflage scales with advertisement’s print on it. If I’m not mistaken, this run was for ULINE company. Photos: Related models: GAK 111 Soldier 2008 SAKWiki

481. Dual Pro X

Victorinox Dual Pro X is a 3-layers 111-mm knife, which was available only with Dual-Grip scales, was produced during short period of time (2010 — ???). It’s very similar to model Dual Pro (but has plain blade instead of serrated one and Phillips screwdriver instead of corkscrew). Another similar knife — it’s a DAK 2010, almost … Читать далее 481. Dual Pro X

480. Trailmaster OH

Victorinox Trailmaster (Trekker) OH. As was mentioned before, it’s a civilian edition of army knife (Soldier 2008 / GAK 111). This version has an old-style OH blade (elliptical hole). Photos:   Related models: GAK / Soldier 2008 Forester  SAKWiki

Outdated. SAKs for exchange

Short synopsis: I’m going to describe here all duplicates of Victorinox (and several Wenger) knives, which I have. If you’re interesting with them (and have something interesting for exchange 🙂 — please contact me. For sure, I’ll specify here also list of Victorinox knives, which I would like to buy (or change). Hope, I’ll finish … Читать далее Outdated. SAKs for exchange

597. Trailmaster Grip

[sarcasmMode] Innovations from Victorinox, — just add new color scales and… Hooray! New model was released! [/sarcasmMode] Very popular model Trailmaster was released in 2016 with new desert camouflage scales as Trailmaster Grip. Photos: Related models: Forester GAK-111 / Soldier 2008 SAKWiki