496. Mountaineer Lite

The Victorinox Mountaineer Lite is a relatively rare 5-layers 91-mm knife, which based on more common Mountaineer model.  Addon “Lite” in it’s name means (as you already know! ;)) that this knife has an additional layer with LED light and inline Phillips screwdriver. Interesting fact: Mountaineer Lite is a unique model, which was produced only in … Continue reading 496. Mountaineer Lite

My wish-list

Short disclaimer: all pictures on this page are taken from SAKWiki / MultiTool.org / other SAK-enthusiasts societies’ and belongs to their owners. If any picture, which are displaying here is yours and you doesn’t allow use it – please contact with me and I’ll remove it. 91-mm models The practical Tool-Set. Altimeter Plus (original) Angler … Continue reading My wish-list

607. Huntsman (Year of the Rooster)

Specially for East Asian market Victorinox company produced a lot of special runs of their knives. One of these series – Chinese Zodiac Series, which was in production since 2001. In 2017 in this series was released Huntsman – “Year of the Rooster“. Photos: Related models: Fieldmaster Mountaineer SAKWiki Victorinox Chinese Zodiac Series

537. Huntsman – VSAKCS 2010

In 2010 VSAKCS released (as limited edition for this year) regular Huntsman model in SilverTech scales. So, except tang on blade and stamping on scales – it’s an usual Huntsman. Photos: Related models: Fieldmaster Mountaineer SAKWiki VSAKCS on SAKWiki (2000 – 2013) VSAKCS Club Knives (2000 – 2009)

472. Clipper

Victorinox Clipper is a definitely rare model, which technically the same model as Automobile Special, but with corkscrew instead of back-side Phillips screwdriver. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this model yet (with valuable price!), so, again, I’ve asked for help one great specialist – Ivan.­ Update from 2017-07-19: I finally got an original Clipper! Photos:   … Continue reading 472. Clipper