687. Ranger

The Victorinox Ranger is well-known 91-mm model which was produced for the years. Due to some evolution of included tools, this model has a variety of possible tools combination. Current one has a mix of «old / new» tools, – it includes old-style «grooved» corkscrew and new-style of technician screwdriver for instance. Photos: Related models: Master … Читать далее 687. Ranger

554. RangerWood 55

In 2015 in Damascus series company Victorinox released former Wenger model — RangerWood Damast LE2015. It was almost the same model as regular one, but without wood saw and a little bit more expensive 😉 Interesting fact: this knife received the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015! Photos: Related models: RangerWood Damast LE2015 SAKWiki victorinox.com

475. RangerWood Damast LE2015

Probably all readers of my blog knows that every year (from 2010 if I’m not mistaken), company Victorinox released one knife as Limited edition of the current year. The major sign of such LE model — damasteel main blade. In 2015 company Victorinox released as Limited edition ex-Wenger model RangerWood 55. In this edition knife comes … Читать далее 475. RangerWood Damast LE2015

483. Master Craftsman

Technically it’s the same model as Ranger with corkscrew replaced by Phillips screwdriver, but Master Craftsman is much more rare knife. As probably you know, Master Craftsman has several variations related to the Space program — Astronaut / Shuttle (Space Shuttle) models. All these models had inlaid logo of Space Shuttle on top scale. My knife … Читать далее 483. Master Craftsman

418. Wenger Swiss Army 70

When I bought this knife, I thought — it will be probably only one Wenger in my collections. Reasons? It’s a real Swiss Army Knife 🙂 As I remember, initially, when I’ve started to organize my collection, I’ve decided to collect only Victorinox knives, otherwise it could absolutely destroy my budget (and honestly, I prefer Victorinox knives … Читать далее 418. Wenger Swiss Army 70