674. Rucksack

The Victorinox Rucksack is a relatively popular and well-known 111-mm model, but this one is really a rare one. It was produced once specially for local Swiss market. I’ve looked for this one for the years… and one day dream became a reality. Isn’t it a beauty? Photos: Related models: Forester Picknicker SAKWiki

678. Forester OH

I already have several Forester models in my collection, – all of them has the same (almost the same) tools-set, but with little differences. It’s a popular model, no doubt, so it’s looks logical that Victorinox produced this model with different variations: with and without one-hand opening, with plain and serrated blades. Even once Forester was … Continue reading 678. Forester OH

664. Outrider Damast LE2017

I’ve already mentioned several times, that in 2017 Victorinox discontinued slide-lock series (in 111-mm form-factor). So, it wasn’t a big surprise, when were announced, that as part of Damascus limited run, will be presented a new edition of very popular Outrider model (but with liner-lock for sure). More interesting detail was the fact, that this … Continue reading 664. Outrider Damast LE2017

653. Forester Wood

In 2017 Victorinox announced a serious reorganization of their 111-mm series. Accordingly to it, all models with slider-lock were discontinued. As a (partial) replacement, few liner-lock models were released. One of them (and first item in my collection) – very popular model Forester, but with nicely wooden scales. Photos: Related models: Rucksack Trailmaster SAKWiki

594. Forester

The Victorinox Forester isn’t rare model. Even One Hand Forester model. But One Hand Forester with plain blade – it’s a rare bird. I even say – it’s an “extemely rare bird”. But it’s true for the past, because in 2017 Victorinox re-launched variation One Hand Forester with plain blade (and Dual-Grip scales). So, I … Continue reading 594. Forester

516. Forester

The Victorinox Forester is a popular 111-mm model with 3 layers of tools. It has several variations, related to using standard neylon or modern Dual-Grip scales, also it was produced with regular plain or One-Hand serrated blade. Version with One-Hand regular blade is also known, but a definetely rare one. Photos: Related models: Trailmaster Rucksack … Continue reading 516. Forester

503. Forester OH

The Victorinox Forester is a 3-layer 111-mm which was produced in several variations – with One-hand and regular blades, with standart neylon and Dual-Grip scales. Current instance is a Ohe-hand variation with serrated blade and usual black scales. Interesting  fact: version with One-hand regular (non-serrated) blade was produced during a very short period and for … Continue reading 503. Forester OH

Outdated. SAKs for exchange

Short synopsis: I’m going to describe here all duplicates of Victorinox (and several Wenger) knives, which I have. If you’re interesting with them (and have something interesting for exchange 🙂 – please contact me. For sure, I’ll specify here also list of Victorinox knives, which I would like to buy (or change). Hope, I’ll finish … Continue reading Outdated. SAKs for exchange